AITEX shows the development on intelligent and sustainable fabrics
8 de January de 2019

Last Thursday, December 12th, Interior Design and Product Design second year form students along with Decoration Project Works Management Cycle first and second year form students visited the facilities of AITEX.

In this visit they were able to learn about the main investigations that are currently being carried out in the field of intelligent textiles, being of special interest the thermochromic and electroluminescent ones, as well as the EDU4TEX project, and also projects in the field of sustainability and circular economy.

The students were able to manipulate various prototypes of new composite materials developed using the waste from different types of industries. These materials offer high mechanical performance, low density, corrosion resistance and good thermal and acoustic insulation.

There are also projects related to sustainable textile finishes, such as laser treatment, ozone, micronising or nanobubbles. All of them involve a great reduction of the amount of water waste generated by the textile industry.

The visit ended with a lab tour so the students could see how the property, specification and material determination tests were made.

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