Andreu Martínez, APGI student, wins the poster contest of ‘Les Trobades’ 2020
19 de November de 2019

Andreu Martínez, a 2nd year form student of the APGI Cycle is the author of the ‘Trobades’ 2020 poster with Ana Almería, student of Fine Arts at the Miguel Hernández University.

The competition organized by Escola Valenciana, was aimed at the training field and especially to the artistic students. All participants had as a starting point the representation of the motto ‘Arrels de vida, llavors de futur’ in homage to the teacher Empar Navarro i Giner.

Andreu explains that, both he and Ana, didn’t want to use the typical figure of roots that is usually associated with those of a tree: “We believed that the image of a house could work well because it is also the beginning, from where you take your culture, identity and vital information to grow”.  As for the concept of seeds, they do not appear explicitly but there are green shoots that go out into the world, the result of those roots.

He also points out that, precisely, that twist and flight from ideas that might be more typical or convoluted, together with respecting the ‘Trobades’ graphic character is what has led them to have chosen their proposal as the winner. “We did a lot of research on the jobs of other years and wanted to give it a continuity, to do something that we liked but taking this into account”.

Andreu Martínez, says that he and Ana Almería are very happy to have been winners: “It is a pride and an honor that they count on us for a thing of this magnitude, it gives us a very large visibility to the outside". He also considers its formation in the EASDALcoi to be key, which “has only just begun” but that “without a doubt, if I had made the poster before it, the result would have been completely different”.

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