Conchi Sarabia brings the concept and reality of shoe design to Fashion students
21 de February de 2020

The students of the Fashion Degree enjoyed last Wednesday, February 12th, the presentation of Conchi Sarabia, a freelance shoe designer with a wide professional career that includes a decade in the Tempe brand of the Inditex group.

At the conference,she explained her artistic and specialization training in the field of design, her professional career and current work system. Enhancing the presentation, she showed witnesses to the different tours of specialization in footwear that have been starred by other designers.

The designer explained the process of creating a collection by exemplifying with sketches and fact sheets, including the temporalization of each phase, showing the dizzying process of creating a large collection in less than three months, as well as the importance of prototyping in the decision-making of the creative process.

In addition, she enriched the experience for students by offering valuable information on a complementary training offer of specialization and the job possibilities in the field of footwear at national and international level.

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