Enrique Algarra will introduce students to infrared photography through a talk and workshop
20 de November de 2019

Next Thursday, November 21th, the photographer and former Photography professor of at the EASD Valencia Enrique Algarra, will perform in the School auditorium the talk ‘Question of nanometers. Digital and analog infrared photography from its beginnings to the present day’. It’ll be 12.20 p.m.

Also at 3 p.m. will hold a practical workshop for the Photography Cycle students to learn how to work with the digital side of this technique. He explains to his blog what fascinated him about it:

“In the late 1970s I tried the kodak infrared film in black and white, the thing wasn’t bad, white grass, black skies and stuff, but what really impressed me was the result of color films. The only regret was that although kodak was already using the E6  process to reveal its slides except kodachrome, the color infrared was still revealed with the old E4 process and seeing the results meant waiting more than a month.

When Kodak adapted his films to be revealed with the standard (E6) process, it was when the arrow was final and I kept using that film. I always wore duplicate gear to use “normal” slides and infrared martians that I loved so much.

When Kodak stopped manufacturing the Ektachrome EIR I abandoned infrared but now with digital photography I have dived back into them manipulating the digital sensor of some of my cameras”.

In addition, previously to all this, he will present – at 12 p.m in the auditorium – the awards that bear his name and organized by EASD Valencia. They are focused on documentary photography projects and can involve both students and former students from schools and universities across Europe. Registrations are now open until December 31 of this year. You can find out more information here.

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