Graphic Design Degree

Graphic Design Degree

In our surrounding, we continually receive stimulation and visual messages which arrive through the traditional means of communication (books, advertising billboard, correspondence) mass media (press, television, the internet) or industrial products (packaging). The graphic designer would elaborate these visual messages that would transmitted to an audience through a physical support.

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  • Basic Design
  • Basic Project Works
  • Drawing and Graphic Techniques (1)
  • Volume and Space
  • Technical Procedures for Representation
  • Digital Languages and Techniques
  • Photography and Audiovisual Means
  • Scientific Fundamentals of Designs
  • Historical Background of Design
  • Typography (1)
  • Design and Enterprise

  • Drawing and Graphic Techniques (2)
  • Technical Procedures for Representation
  • Printing and Duplication Techniques
  • Photography Workshop
  • History and Culture of Graphic Design
  • English
  • Culture of Design
  • Graphic Design Project Works I
  • Electives

  • Production and Publishing Digital Thecniques
  • Audiovisual Means Workshop
  • Graphic Design Management
  • Graphic Design Project Works (2)
  • Typography (2)
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Graphic Design Aesthetics and Trends
  • Electives

  • Audiovisual Graphic Design Project Works
  • Interactive Graphic Design Project Works
  • Graphic Design Project Works (3)
  • Final Project Work Dissertation
  • External Internship (Practium)
  • Electives


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