Master’s Degree in Parametric Design and Digital Production

The master will be taught in the academic year 2018/2019 and it will provide students with the necessary knowledge to work with the new project paradigm, being able to materialize their projects and prototypes on a scale in workshops specialized in digital production.

It is a reality that the implantation of processes CAD/CAM (computer aided design) in the world of design means a new age.

The parametric design is the abstraction of an idea or concept, related to the geometric and mathematical processes, which allow us to manipulate with the highest accuracy in our design to achieve optimum results.

Thus, the project is considered as a PROCESS, and NOT as an OBJECT. When designing a process, we develop a series of mathematical and geometric relationships creating processes and systems (algorithms), which allow us to explore more than one result, with certain design premises which have been previously established.

One of the advantages of Parametric Design is that it allows the Digital Production directly to the design, because it integrates the digital production by means of numerical control machines, cutting, laser, 3D printers, etc.

The master will be focused on the importance of the new digital paradigms in the process of projecting. The lessons taught offer digital morphogenesis processes (graphic, products and spaces design) experimenting with programming and parametria.

The new technologies also bring us closer to the new production processes (digital fabrication) that lead to formalizations of non-standard designs. The processes of mass production no longer depend on a repetition, but a digital mechanical system of permanent reconfiguration.

Using parametric design tools, in fact, what is done is generating a model which produces endless cases at a quick rate, and that we choose is one among them.

This is the greatest advantage over the “classical” form of projecting, with which the designer avoids the uncertainty of knowing if his choice has been the best or one of the best when handling his project.

Managing the parametric tools, the designer will be able to produce a project on which he can heavily rely.

The software used for this advanced modelling is “Rhinoceros” and its plug-in “Grasshopper”, focused on the parametric design which works as editor of generative algorithms. The advantage of this program is that experience in programming or scripting is not required, allowing the creation of parametric designs from generating components, thus reaching an important time optimization.