Studies and Pathway

Educational Offer

The school of Arts and College of Design of Alcoy offers a wide and varied educational offer, especially in the field of design, with a long and prestigious history of creative professionals trained in it, who have been and are permanently claimed by the industrial sectors and services in the area. This school offers three types of studies:

Training Cycles

The training cycles courses last two years, whose objective is to enable students to develop themselves as professionals in a specific area and to apply their knowledge in the real world of business and personal entrepreneurship.

Students who attend the courses usually have a special sensitivity to the artistic and functional creations. They are attracted to creative activity and the visual communication and desire to work in design or fine arts, in the design departments of companies, workshops, design studios or as self-employed professionals.

These studies aim to provide students with quality artistic training, to develop their creative capacity and ensure professional qualification in the field of design. That is to say, plan and coordinate technical and artistic processes of production; plan and carry out works with technical accuracy and artistic sensibility, through the development of their faculties and artistic culture.

The studies also facilitate the acquisition of scientific-technical and practical knowledge which will enable students to carry out their work through the traditional and current technological processes, related to the professional activity in the field of Fine Arts or design and understand the organization and characteristics of the area of their profession, as well as the basic professional insertion mechanisms.

Higher Studies in Design

The Higher Studies in Design consist of four years and are equal to a university degree, whose aim is to provide students a capacity for creativity, art direction and creator and at the same time, to develop their own company. These studies consist of applied, technical, artistic as well as plastic conceptual knowledge.

The designer is an important person who is in charge of the configuration of our material surroundings. He provides creative solutions when there may arise any problems and needs, taking into account the social, cultural and economic aspects.

Concerning solutions, the Designer integrates the formal, functional and communicative elements of the product to be designed, taking into account the new values and the aspirations of the community and those of the evolution of the technological and industrial processes.

The Higher Studies in Design guide students in their training towards the aesthetic, artistic, scientific, technical and humanistic fields, inherent to the profession. The designer is seen as a professional generalist, endowed with an overview about the available resources to solve a problem and the ability to coordinate the specialists from the different disciplines involved in the design process.

At the end of these studies, students will have been furnished with the necessary academic training to:

- Properly conceive and develop the design projects and their mock-ups and prototypes, by considering the previous conditions and requirements, applying concepts which lead to the enrichment and improvement of the quality in the use and consumption of the productions.

- Analyse, assess and verify the productive viability of the projects, from the innovation formal criteria, business management and market demands.

- Organize, conduct, coordinate or advise work teams involved in design projects.