Former student Andrea Blanes participates in the book ‘Alejandro’, a compilation of Alejandro Soler’s work
12 de November de 2018

Andrea Blanes, a former student of Advertising Graphics Cycle, has participated along with the photographer Jose Aguilar in the elaboration of the book ‘Alejandro’, which collects all the artistic and cultural legacy of Alejandro Soler. It will be presented tomorrow, Tuesday, at 20:00 h in the exhibition hall of the Fundación Mutua Levante (Plaza de España, 15).


The project of the book began twelve years ago when José Aguilar made a series of portraits to said artist and his work (mostly unpublished), but it never materialised. At the end of 2017 he took up the idea; Andrea Blanes joined the initiative and together they began to collect material beyond his plastic work. They included cinema and theatre scenographies, festive costumes and christmas designs, posters, comic strips and even some of his personal writings. Thus, the final content of the book became much more enriched than the initial approach.


Andrea Blanes emphasizes the support of the Fundación Mutua Levante, which has made it possible to carry out the project, but also of the anonymous collaboration: “We found a big part of the work by going from house to house, searching for people who wanted to contribute and had some paintings or drafts made by Alejandro”, she says. About Alejandro Soler, she explains that “He has done everything in Alcoi. He was a Renaissance man. He has used all the techniques.” and adds that with this book they have tried to pay him homage “As the artist he deserves to be recognized”.

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