Graphic explains the experience of Signe Magazine to EASDA students
7 de February de 2020

For the second consecutive year the Graphic Design department of EASDAlcoi has brought a talk about the entire trajectory and evolution of Signe Magazine to students and teachers of EASDA. Rafa Calbo and Maria Castelló, teachers who coordinate this publication and the 4th year form Graphic Design student Sara Marín, were the ones who told everything about the already almost 7 editions of the magazine.

The attendees, who filled the hall of the EASDA on February 5th, were able to know how Signe Magazine has its origins in 2013 with the final project of Eloy Revert, a Graphic student at that time. It was in the following course when students Miriam Berbegal, Sonia Conde and Sofia Hernandez applied a more contemporary and modern format and layout, which would lay the foundation for the following issues. The number 3 of the magazine has already been developed within an optional subject dedicated exclusively to this.

There is always a theme that makes a common thread to the contents that touch all the disciplines that the School has. It plays a lot with unique and different covers. It is a process that is made from scratch every course, with the possibility to create (or not) everything again. All phases of publishing involving a real-world publication are worked intensively, including printing and binding in the School’s own Reproduction Process Workshop.

The latest issue of Signe ‘Disseny de Merda’ has been a renewal in terms of format, grid and layout, closer to that of a standard magazine. What has been maintained is the challenge of organization and coordination between the criteria and opinions of all participating students to bring it forward. Rafa Calbo emphasizes in this sense that “it is a project that goes far beyond getting a grade in class, students get involved with a very strong motivation. They make the magazine of theirs and it shows in the result.”

Right now it is being finalized what will be the edition number 7, which is expected to be presented at the end of this same course or early from which to come.

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