Hazael Rico, former Advertising Graphics student and author of the 2019 Three Wise Men parade poster
17 de December de 2018

Hazael Rico, a former Advertising Graphics Cycle student, was the winner of the Three Wise Men parade poster contest. We talked about his creative process and its good reception.

-What did you want to convey on your poster for the 2019 Cavalcade?

I wanted to convey the essence of the alcoian Christmas: the Three Wise Men, the pages, the torch bearers, the Tirisiti characters, the ladders and gifts…

-Which were your references or inspirations?

The poster is based on the fifties and the sixties cartoons (UPA style). As for referents, I was inspired mainly by the work of Ale Giorgini, an italian illustrator.

-What motivated you to participate in the contest?

As a child I admired the posters of the Three Wise Men parade, and I always wished to be one of the authors. After 4 years I can finally say that dream has already come true.

-What did it mean for you to be chosen between all the proposals presented?

I’m proud as a graphic designer and as an alcoian to be able to represent the oldest and most important Three Wise Men parade of Spain. It is a real honor to see your work hanging from the facade of the city council, where the famous poster of Moors and Christians festivities is also hung.

-What makes a good poster?

I think “less is more”, though it depends on the context. But every good poster needs a nice composition, well-selected typography, hierarchies, harmony and, above all, a clear and understandable message.

– How is the feedback you have received about your creation?

I have been keeping track of the publications where the poster was discussed and I am very happy: more than 90% of the comments have been positive.

-What did EASDALCOI brought to you?

Experience, knowledge, visual culture and passion for design and art.


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