Interiors student Alejandro López gets the accésit at the InterCIDEC Awards 2019
18 de November de 2019

The ‘Purespace’ project of the 4th Interior Design student, Alejandro López, has been recognized with the accésit at the InterCIDEC organized by the contract and home furniture company Beltá&Frajumar.

The theme of the International Contract Environment Design Competition fourth edition was to develop the interior of a restaurant taking into account all the needs and experience of the users. The purpose of this initiative is to contribute to the generation of new ideas and projects within this sector.

Alejandro López, attended last November 7th to the delivery of these awards in Madrid. It should be noted that in this call the proposals received, both in the professional and student categories, have increased by 40% compared to the previous ones and more than 60 jobs have been received from a dozen countries.

‘Purespace’ by Alejandro López

The ‘Purespace’ project seeks at all times to create a space that the customer perceives as a whole the space of both catering and cafeteria, making that despite being on different plants and having a slightly different aesthetic, they are conceived unified and not as two separate elements that are within the same space.

At all times they wanted to enhance the views towards the ravine, since the restaurant is located in an area where it enjoys privileged views of the city, so they wanted to enhance these views, making from any table or position we have a view to the outside, enhancing that sense of continuity and avoiding that of claustrophobia.

It is worth noting the neutrality and delicacy used in the choice of materials, trying to use at all times materials that gave presence to the space, making it elegant and formal. This is not only thanks to the materials, but also to the lighting, since throughout the space there is a combination of ambient and spot lighting. The first helps to create an atmospheric atmosphere, and the second achieves monumental lighting, highlighting details, but above all focusing on important points such as tables in a restaurant.

Micro environments have also been created within the halls, highlighting more certain areas and creating a claim with the intention that even if the whole room was empty, diners decided to sit in those certain areas because of their special appeal.

Adding the above to the planning of functionality and the minimum tours, a restaurant space is achieved in which you want to be and feel attraction by entering. This creates an atmospheric effect in which it feels something special to be inside that certainly makes you want to return.

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