Interiors students learn to work corporate and commercial spaces with Vitale
26 de November de 2019

The Vitale studio held a talk and two workshops with the Interior Design students on November 22nd. Vitale works as a design and communication consultancy specialized in the development of commercial and corporate projects.

They explain to the students how to work by bringing these two aspects together, as well as what types of establishments and clients they typically collaborate with, what are the main challenges they face, and what solutions they apply to solve them.

The two post-talk workshops were very well received. The first consisted of the elaboration of moodboards based on the needs of a real customer. The moodboard is a very useful tool to be able to clearly see what you want to convey with a project and serves as a guide throughout the creative process.

In the second session we worked with creative lighting. They made different lamp designs based on repentance and improvisation exercises from images.

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