Interiors students travel to Madrid to learn about the current challenges of designing educational and work spaces
4 de November de 2019

The Interior Design students moved Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 October to Madrid to complement the training of the workshop ‘New paradigms in educational and work spaces’, which they perform at the EASDAlcoi by the hand of the former student Pilar Molina, and who is coordinated by Angel Pérez and Carmina Vicens.

The workshop consists of four sessions: two theoretical, a field visit and a practice. Its purpose is to provide the necessary tools to students to carry out the project of remodeling the Interior Design plant of the School. This always taking into account the new educational paradigms, aimed at working for projects.

During the visits, students have known firsthand how different companies have faced this change in current generations and those who will come. Also what kind of products have been used to make the spaces work, how users have adapted these changes and what the short-term benefits have been, and what will be in the long term.

The stay to Madrid consisted of three main visits and two complementary:

First, and with Paloma Oceja, Manager of Customer Experience, they visited Steelcase and Madrid Plaza‘s Spanish production center. It is a space where the ultimate premise is to increase collaboration, agility and innovation among workers.

They then attended the Vitra showroom with Carlos Carsten, CEO of Vitra Hispania. He told students that the secret to the future success of any company or individual is curiosity and creativity. He also explained how Vitra from the timelessness of its designs gets concepts like the ‘Super Flexible Office‘ and ‘Agility’ to become classics with a future. Carsten says that “in the future we will all work from a sofa”.

Finally, Patricia Fuertes, Architect Consultora LEED and WELL and Asesora BREEAM at CBRE Madrid, showed students how with Vitra and Steelcase products, and with the application of the guidelines to obtain the LEED and WELL certificates, more offices are obtained Healthy.

Patricia moved students what have been the off-to-work activities that are promoted from the management of the company to ensure that the work environment, as well as rigorous, professional and effective, is relaxed, close and thus offer the best solutions to your customers.

In the three visits students have been able to understand the most innovative technologies that support current social change. Like biophilia, per exemple, which in educational and work environments is essential to stimulate the creativity and health of users. In addition, design is the main tool for promoting the lever of a change that involves networking, collaborative and process work.

Finally, and as a complement, the exhibition ‘Intangibles‘ was visited at the Telefónica Foundation and the Madrid Matadero, formed by multipurpose and avant-garde spaces at the service of culture.

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