Next Monday we will work the graphic discourse through creativity
7 de March de 2018

Next Monday BYG, a company formed by Bolinches y García, dedicated to communication, design, illustration and muralism, will visit us to give our students a workshop and also offer a conference at 12:30 pm that will be open to all audiences. Both speakers will talk about their professional experience which will serve as a guide in the continuous learning to our students.

“The BYG Frankenstein” will be a workshop of applied creativity to compose a graphic discourse through the tools offered by creativity concerning Frankenstein as the axis. Graphic narrative projects will be carried out through individualized reflexive and practical dynamics, with the aim of strengthening the ingenuity, conceptual and visual abilities of the students. This workshop will have a first phase of analog work and a second of digital one.



“Viatge a la cultura massai”, William Kikanae
Actiu Academy
Sofía Moro: taller i conferència
Interior Design
Primeres Jornades d’Interiors, Campus ISEACV
Presentació del llibre “Wuhan Before Wuhan”