Our students experimented with the design of random objects
16 de March de 2018

Last Thursday Francesc Lluc Sempere José carried out a workshop about the generation of random objects, which helped to the Product Design students to understand the process of paradigm shift in which society is currently immersed, thanks to new technologies such as 3D printing, that are leading towards a democratization of design, as well as other disciplines.

Sempere divided his workshop into two parts. First, he made a historical, economic and social review, which led to the change in which we are now, when the same target can get to design the product he needs, without going through a whole chain which would involve a designing, producting, distributing and final sale work. To give an example, if you break a glass, you can do another in your house.

In the second part he focused on these technological advances which are changing society, as is the case of the software and hardware necessary to carry out the different techniques of 3D printing. In that moment, he took the opportunity to present his machine which generates random objects, designed with free software, which Sempere strongly defends. This machine materializes the transformation of the analog representation of the transferred light into a digital recreation. With this workshop the students could design their own shapes, while experimenting some proposals which later will be able to be taken to the physical world, thanks to a 3D printing.

At the end, a very useful workshop for our students was conducted, where they could learn in a transversal way, how technological innovations can transform a society.

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