Pep Carrió shows the poetics of objects in the EASDAlcoi
18 de February de 2020

Last Thursday, February 13th, illustrator and graphic designer Pep Carrió gave a talk and workshop to the students of the School. At the conference he brought to the attendees his trajectory and way of working very personally, always making use of the visual metaphor. It gives humble objects a second life to be part of a larger project through graphic design and being rhetorical.

During the afternoon workshop, students were handed out a cardboard box that would be a container for the ‘graphic soul’ of each of the participants. They were filling it with different elements and pieces as a micro museum of curiosities and personal experiences.

This was the first session, since the project will conclude on March 12th when Pep Carrió returned to ASDAlcoi to see how he has configured each of these boxes. The conceptual argument of each will be opened and presented to bring the creative process into common.

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