Photography begins EASDAlcoi’s collaborations with the ‘Cada Lata Cuenta’ project
9 de January de 2020

The main entrance of the School has been hosting since last December the exhibition of the images that the Photography Cycle students made from the workshop offered by Ilan Wolff in October. In it they learned how to make pinhole cameras from used cans and to work on this type of photography.

This exhibition is part of the collaboration that EASDAlcoi will carry out this course with the ‘Cada Lata Cuenta’ campaign. The departments of specialties have prepared a series of actions to reuse the cans within the design context. It will involve a process of research and creation that will imply zero waste, because everything will be worked from the waste generated in the School itself.

In this way, in the photographic sample you can see large prints of pigmented inks on vened paper and also the negatives of the views that were taken. All from elements and spaces of the city of Alcoy.

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