Bar-Restaurant of healthy food and fusion food located in the emblematic Plaça de Dins d’Alcoi.

The space presents a minimalist environment that transmits serenity in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Everything that is seen inside is reality and order, there are no superfluous elements. The walls are completely bare, it is prioritized to highlight the natural material getting a very careful and austere space.

It follows the maximum simplicity, light furniture of straight and ordered lines. Priority is given to pure and low lines, almost at ground level.

Through indirect lighting a softer and more sensual environment is achieved. Several corners are integrated that aspire to arouse in the residents a subtle daily sensation of serene melancholy and spiritual longing. A charm away from brilliance and ostentation. It celebrates the beauty of what happens in each moment sharpening mind and senses. The reflection and rest of the outside world is sought

Author: Gràcia Conca Masquefa
Final Work of the Higher Formation Cycle Projects and Works Management