School students illustrate a poem by Joan Valls
23 de October de 2017

Last week, the poetic anthology of Joan Valls, Una lluerna fa de semàfor, was presented. The students of the 2nd of the Illustration cycle of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi, coordinated by Professor Antonio Fernández, have participated by illustrating the different verses of this compendium.

This poetry book, published by Andana Edicions, is another initiative that falls within the Joan Valls Birth Centenary Year. It is a repertoire of poems specially chosen to be understood by children, because one of the aims of this initiative is to let known the work of Valls among the youngest. The selection and coordination of this project has been carried out by Ester Vizcarra and the introduction of the book has been made by Francesc Gisbert.

We want to congratulate the artists who have illustrated this book: Juanjo Gasull, Carlos Polo, Marta Juan, Jaime Castañer, Óscar Cortés, Anna Gisbert, Sara Ferrer, Mauro Díaz, Andrea Botella, Noel Gata, Cristina Quiles, Pedro J. Iñíguez, Vicky Fayos, Priscila Arandiga, Jordi Rubio and Samuel Madrigal.

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