Students of IES Cotes Baixes did a fashion workshop
5 de June de 2017

Last Tuesday, May the 30th, the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi held a fashion and photography workshop where participated a group of students from IES Cotes Baixes (Alcoi). The students had to make a project about clothes with recycled materials and that is why they came to our school to carry out a specific workshop where they were taught basic concepts of fashion, inspiration, by Josefa Cabañes, who performed an interactive workshop. They also learned how to customize garments with recycled materials such as plastics or toilet paper rolls, by using basic elements such as glue or staples. Finally they were given the basic notions of how to walk like models do, since the project to be developed also consists of taking of photographs of the costumes proposals  they make. In the photography workshop, taught by Luis Vidal, students learned different concepts of fashion photography, such as the importance of models or beauty.

In short, the students of IES Cotes Baixes were very pleased with this experience introductory to the world of fashion, as well as the teachers of the school, since they found students very participative and animated in the field.

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