“Subversive and Antisystem” parade of 4th course of Fashion
12 de November de 2018

On July 7th 2018 the Graduation Fashion Show took place at the Alzamora shopping centre: a groundbreaking proposal directed and coordinated by the Fashion Design teachers Amparo Pardo and Patrik Baldan.

The fashion show was a meeting between disruptive fashion and ‘circuit bending’ music processed live with Soundcool. Where the best collections by the fourth year form students of the EASD Alcoi Fashion Design Degree were showcased, as well as a sample of the best works made for the subjects of Modeling and Sustainable Fashion.

According to the coordinators, it is a conceptual, subversive, transgressive, democratic, anti-establishment, sustainable and open source fashion where nothing is random. Fashion, music and space form a conceptual whole that gives sense and meaning to the proposal.

The format of this fashion show breaks down the stereotypes of an institutionalised fashion as it brings together non-professional models found on the streets and dresses them with subversive fashion proposals, all accompanied by live collaborative music. These proposals were presented in a shopping mall, a space postulated as the new cathedral of the 20th and 21st centuries; a triumph of the capitalist system and the centre of disposable fashion

The escalators acted as the route for the proposals which, alluding to the capitalist system, took inspiration from machinerism and Fordism. The rhythm, which went at a constant pace, focused its criticism on the anonymous and excessive ‘fast fashion’ system.

Many of the proposals that  were displayed combined accessories with “cheap”, everyday objects, which sometimes were together with supermarket products) expressing the mood of a fashion that, once again, questions the traditional aesthetics associated to the highest of the fashion industry and the red carpet glamour, showing us the conquest of a democratic and creative fashion that can transform the system by reversing its codes and praising its values, such as  its authenticity as well as its public and daily creativity.


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