The importance of the process to get a good impression
15 de May de 2017

Last Friday, José Luis Martín and Toni Martínez gave a conference on final works for printing, in which they stressed that the design process has to be thought carefully, to get a good impression.

Martín highlighted different data and recommendations to take into account in order the work that we send to be printed, it ends as it was previously thought. As well, he also mentioned that it is necessary to distinguish whether the designs are intended to be printed or to be distributed digitally, since the different issues to be taken into account to design they vary.

On the other hand, Martínez, corrector of profession, put in value the function of this profile, since that is the person who gives style, while correcting the texts, in order to obtain a good result.

They also presented for the first time Lletraferits yearbook, in which are reflections about the letters, with which you can collaborate or buy through the crowdfunding platform, Verkami.

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