The students of Graphic Design visit the writing of the magazine Gràffica and the Impresum press
15 de November de 2019

On October 29th, the students of 4th and 2nd Graphic Design year form and 4th Textile Illustration year form visited the offices of Gràffica in Valencia. They spent the whole morning knowing what the entire editorial process of making such a magazine consists.

Choosing the general theme, the contents, the own phases involved in its elaboration, the correction of texts and tests, the use of the images and the layout are some of the aspects that were explained to the students.

They were also remarked on how decisive a good planning is and knowing how to respond to unforeseen events. The visit will serve them to then be able to apply all this information in the preparation of Signe Magazine as this course goes through the seventh edition.

Gràffica is the reference publication in Spanish about visual culture and general design. It has existed in digital format for 10 years and in 2016 they decided to make the leap to paper while retaining their journalistic quality.

On the same day the students attended the facilities of the Impresum printing press in Valencia as well. They are with whom Graffica works to reproduce his copies, in this way the students had a complete vision of the procedure. Impresum has been in this sector for more than 25 years and works with both offset and digital techniques.

Thus, the students saw all the machinery that they have and the wide range of possibilities that this offers to be able to carry out, for example, the covers so worked and complex that characterize the Gràffica magazine.

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