The visual artist Rosana Antolí will hold a lecture on the connection between design and video art
8 de November de 2019

Rosana Antolí visits EASDAlcoi to show different visions of the video art and will offer a conference for students to reflect on the conceptual connection between this discipline and the field of design. The talk will be next Tuesday, November 12th from 12.40 am  in the School’s auditorium.

Antolí is a London-based alcoian artist and one of the brightest of her generation. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Master in Performance and Sculpture from the Royal College of Art of London, she has worked different fields of creation: drawing, sculpture, animation, dance, sound, performance, installations, Videoart… so that she constantly experiments with the aim of reflecting, showing nonconformism or sensitivity, as well as making a social critique.

She has exhibited her works in renowned museums such as the Tate and lately her work commitments lead her to be traveling continuously. She has been in the United States presenting the end-of-master’s work RCA, which was also presented in New York and London, in Colombia thanks to the International Fellowship of Gasworks and Triangle Network, in Switzerland he made his exhibition ‘Lo que no se ve’ and in Argentina and Chile for the BBVA Videoarte Foundation Multiverse Scholarship.

In Spain she has exhibited at the Pompidou Museum in Malaga, at the Artium Vitoria Museum or at the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, among others. She currently has some projects underway that are the reason for her visit.

The EASDAlcoi aims, with the Rosana Antolí conference, that the students understand the connection of the video art with the design,to reflect on how it can serve them in the area of project thinking and, in addition, motivate them to visit museums and spaces dedicated to this discipline.

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