Vicente Blasco will give a talk at EASDAlcoi about the most productive side of design
3 de March de 2020

Next Thursday, March 5th, the designer Vicente Blasco will hold a conference in the EASDAlcoi auditorium with the title ‘The Culture of the Project from Product Design’. In it he will reflect on the whole project process from a practical perspective and with production as one of its central axes. He will do this by setting an example of some of its own projects in a big consumer products and packaging, and also in other areas of design and culture.

Vicente Blasco is a Product Designer specializing in Industrial Design and has worked as a Design Manager and consultant for companies and institutions for almost 30 years. Furniture, lighting, security, appliances and exhibition spaces are some of the sectors where he has collaborated. He has been a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca, at ESDI of the CEU- CH and EASD Valencia. He has also carried out different commissioned projects for Generalitat Valenciana, ANIEME, FEVAMA, Feria Valencia, IFEMA and FEHV.

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