We explain architecture: Vicent Pascual Pastor, from historicism to modernism
13 de February de 2018

Next Thursday, February 15, the Department of History and Theory of Art and Design of EASDAlcoi has organized a conference about the Alcoian architect Vicent Pascual Pastor. After his training in Barcelona, he was one of the introducers to the City of the aesthetics of Modernism as an expression of the social and economic power of the Alcoy bourgeoisie at the beginning of the 20th century.

The conference will be held at the “Josep Albert Mestre” Assembly Hall, starting at 11 am and will be given by the art historian Cristina Ruiz Jiménez and the architect Juan José Moya Salom. This act is proposed in order to be a complement to the contemplation of the interesting exhibition “Vicent Pascual Pastor, architect”, which can be visited in the exhibition space of the EASDAlcoi during the month of February.

This exhibition, honoring Pascual was organized by the Center for Historical and Archaeological Studies of Alcoi (CAEHA) and shown at the Cultural Center in September 2017 within the 1st Week of Modernism in Alcoi. An exhibition that analyzes both Pascual’s Modernist architecture, focusing on the investigation of new artistic forms based on organic inspiration, as well as his previous historicist and eclectic stages or the different architectural typologies that he developed in the city and the region: churches and buildings charities, representative buildings, bourgeois homes and country houses, civil and industrial buildings, housing for rent and housing for workers and housing for public promotion or cheap houses.

With this explanatory look generated by the exhibition and the conference on Vicent Pascual Pastor, the Department of History and Theory of Art and Design of the EASDAlcoi aims to contribute and support the necessary value, knowledge and dissemination of the rich architectural heritage, both civil and industrial, which has the city of Alcoi. The knowledge and understanding of his value is the best way to promote the appreciation and protection of our artistic heritage, an essential part of our collective heritage.


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