Workshop and talk by Enrique Algarra at EASDAlcoi
28 de November de 2019

On November 21st, the photographer and former professor Enrique Algarra took a historiographic tour of infrared photography in the talk he gave at EASDAlcoi. He told how at first its uses were restricted to the police and even espionage and he spoke of black-and-white films evolution and the disappearance of colour films.

He also explained how it is currently intended for more scientific purposes but, he and other people use it as a tool in more journalistic works or directly expressive projects. He showed examples of his works, both commercially and personally.

In the workshop, he showed the Photography Cycle students how to remove the filter that blocks the infrared wavelength of digital cameras, can achieve the same results as when it was done in analog. They took pictures outdoors, indoors and with and without flash. They also learned which post-production to apply to obtain meaningful, transmission-capable images. Here's a sample:

Photography: Sara Carbonell @_arassara_

Model, Cinthia Manchón

Photography: Núria Bellvert @nuriabellphoto

Model, Cinthia Manchón

Fotography: Núria Bellvert @nuriabellphoto

Modelo, Noelia Campos @xnocp

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