Grupo Zilonis, a marketing dedicated company, seeks talents in the EASD Alcoi

Enrique Corbí, senior manager of the company Grupo Zilonis, has met this morning with the Interior Design fourth form students to brief them about the main work lines of his company and to seek people with a “Training quality as the one provided by the EASD Alcoi.”

The company, located in Monóvar, is specialized in advertising at the point of sale, as it is “The most physical marketing is the one that can be felt”. They work in the design and creation of shop windows for footwear, jewellery and catering brands.

As the company is currently in a process of growth and expansion, they have the need to incorporate designers with lots of creativity and proactivity, and that’s why they have thought of the EASD Alcoi students.

This collaboration can be carried out in three different ways: unpaid practices with paid transport, diets and other stay expenses; in a freelance designer kind of way or directly being hired fully or partially in the company.

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