Research group ” Synesthesia and Multi-sensoriality” of ISEACV.

To promote the knowledge of Synesthesia and multi-sensoriality and to stimulate its inspiring capacity for art and design are the aims of the Creative Synesthesia Blog. A blog that aims to be a channel for the dissemination of research developed by the Research Group ” Synesthesia and multi-sensoriality: Theory and Experimentation” formed by researchers linked to the Higher Institute of Artistic Education of the Valencian Community (ISEACV) and the School of Art and Design of Alcoy (EASDA).

Synesthesia is a particular perceptive phenomenon based on the joint assimilation or interference of different types of sensations coming from different senses in the same perceptive act. A synesthete perceives correspondences between color shades, sound tones, taste intensities or textures in an involuntary way.

This phenomenon has historically acted as a source of inspiration for many creators, generating a productive connection between Synesthesia and Creativity, a path that continues to be developed at present, in the field of both art and design. It is a Creative Synesthesia that has been practiced, in a natural way, by synesthetes and also by non-synesthetes who have seen in this perceptive phenomenon an interesting path of creative experimentation based on the crossbreeding between the different senses or in the multi-sensory perception. Creators who have generated bridges or interconnections between the different senses through the arts, understood as languages that transmit emotions, and from the establishment of correspondences or equivalences between shapes, colors, sounds, words, smells, textures, etc.

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