The Reproduction Processes Workshop of the EASDAlcoi, located on the ground floor of the educational center, has numerous resources to make the most avant-garde printing techniques available to the whole school.

To achieve this, there is specialized machinery for large formats, such as the water-based plotter for high quality interior photographic printing on all types of photographic paper or photolithographs, amongst others. There is also the latex plotter that is applied specifically in the reproduction of images for outdoors, since treatments are applied to protect any creation from inclement weather. It works with supports as diverse as textile, pvc or vinyl.

On the other hand, the laminator allows us to give the most suitable finish to the reproduction: matte, glossy or with ultraviolet filter treatment to preserve it from light. It works either by cold with adhesive or with heat. There is also the mounting machine that is used to mount prints on rigid supports such as foamboard, pvc, wood or cardboard.

In addition, there is the sublimation system for transferring designs onto materials such as ceramics, aluminum, wood or textile; the cutting plotter that allows precise and sharp graphics to be reproduced; and also the binding machine for saddle stitch, wire twist bookbinding or soft cover paperback finishing. And finally, there is also the classic laser printer or photocopier.

Beyond all the technical issues, there is also a direct involvement of the Reproduction Processes Workshop in guiding, advising and helping the students in the development of their projects. “If they come with an activity or project and we see that there is an error or something to improve, we explain it to the students in order to make it more didactic. We don’t just reproduce the work and that’s it,” explains Juan Carbonell, head of the department.

As for teachers, this space is also open to all those teachers who have subjects related to printing and can make use of the machines to explain them in detail and thus facilitate the training process.

Finally, it should be noted that the Reproduction Processes Workshop is also responsible for carrying out all the external and internal promotional work required by EASDAlcoi in general and each of the departments in particular.

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