The involvement of the School in the industrial and cultural reality of Alcoy and its surroundings has always been a principle of action of this educational centre, becoming, in this context, a dedicated agent of the design culture. Hence, the different didactic departments that make up the School have collaborated with leading companies in the different industrial sectors, with commercial, social and institutional associations in the surrounding areas, as well as with technological institutions such as AITEX, in the textile sector, and AIJU, in the toy sector.

“…At a local level we want to create a new type of creative artist, capable of understanding any type of need, both artistic and industrial, both in Alcoy and in the surrounding area. The work to be carried out by these professionals is immense: projecting and designing products. The designer is the artist of our time… “, the fragment belongs to a report-manifesto that several professors of Fine Arts made in Alcoy in 1973, with the intention of re-founding a centre of arts and crafts in this city that would involve a direct cooperation with its industrial environment.

Therefore, there is a fact that has defined us since then, the contact and active relationship with companies in the surrounding area. The purpose of this relationship is, through collaboration agreements, to carry out projects, competitions, exhibitions and work internships, within the contents and the annual pedagogical programme, which allow us to offer lines of research and innovation to the participating companies and bring students closer to the business reality and their future professional profile.

Companies can contact the best students for external internships. Whether you are a design student or an employer, download here the updated forms


Higher Studies in Design documents:

– PR01: PR01 Educational Cooperation Agreement on External Academic Placements

– PR02: PR02 Educational Cooperation Agreement on Extracurricular Work Placements

– PR03: PR03 Agreement on Company Internships

Training Cycle Documents:

– Annex I. Annex_I_Agreement

– Annex II. Annex_II_Student-CT

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