Connect us emotionally to your clothes

From the subject of Culture of Design of the degree of Fashion Design has been organized for next Wednesday January the 10th “Connections 3: Identity and dialogue through garments“, an event in which we want to make an appeal to people to share experiences and stories that connect us through clothing.

The first objective of this activity, organized by Desamparados Pardo Cuenca and with the collaboration of Patrik Baldan and the students of the Culture of Design course, aims to connect people through the exchange of experiences derived from the stories of their garments, with the purpose of reinforcing the emotional relationships with the pieces of clothing and constructing new values and identities.

In addition, this activity also has as a second objective, the sensitization of people about the durability and longevity of garments beyond their physical and aesthetic characteristics, to spend less clothes recovering garments to reentering the circuit of fashion again.

All people who want to participate will have to wear a garment that has a special value for them and they have to tell us why it is special and what history or memory it hides, beyond its aesthetic and functional characteristics. The stories will be recorded on video and photographed to make a subsequent exhibition with all the images that will be linked by a QR code.

The activity will be held on January the 10th from 9h to 12:40h and will have as a meeting point the school hall and then we will go to make the interviews to the set.

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