El Cuaderno de Tendencias del Hábitat 19/20 brings students the latest developments of home design

Last Thursday 8th November, Interior Design Degree and Decoration Project Works Management Cycle second year form students along with Textile Illustration Degree third year form students attended the presentation of the Cuaderno de Tendencias del Hábitat 19/20. This booklet is the result of an investigation that has been carried out by the members of the Hábitat Trends Observatory (OTH) between 2017 and 2018.

The experts Paqui Orihuel and Pepa Casado firstly explained the importance of the elaboration of a moodboard to generate unique solutions and turn trends into design requirements. Later on, they explained four of the seven trends that are collected in the booklet: Less is a bore, Momento design, Everywhere like home and Disconnection space.

Finally, the students carried out a workshop in which, by groups, they had to elaborate a moodboard regarding a trend for which they used different types of materials: Pantone color charts, textile materials with very different textures, design magazines… Once elaborated, the moodboard was evaluated by the experts. There also took place the presentation of the 3rd Home Textiles Contest, organized by the AITEX-UPV chair.



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