EMEDEC shows Interior students the latest innovations in wood materials

Last Wednesday, October 23rd, 2nd and 3rd Interior Design students attended the presentation of several products of the EMEDEC company in the EASDAlcoi auditorium.

EMEDEC is a company with a long history in the wood products sector. Students were able to get to know materials such as Panelate boards, cement wood boards and one of the latest novelties, Organoid surface boards.

Panelate boards offer multiple design possibilities. The machining operations they present on their surface allow to experiment with different geometric shapes, with straight or curved lines, as well as, with various finishes, varnishes or lacquered.

VIROC cement wood boards come in various colors and finishes, are flame-retardant and water-repellent, and also have good characteristics of acoustic and thermal insulation. These are very versatile boards that have applications in: facades, pavements, false ceilings, wall covering, etc.

Finally, the boards with natural surface finish Organoid, are characterized by their organic and natural appearance. They are made up of natural materials collected in the mountain that preserve their natural qualities such as color and smell, stimulating all the senses.

It was a very enriching experience because it was possible to have multiple samples of all materials to weigh, touch, and ultimately know them on site.

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