Fashion and Styling students know the basque style initiated by Balenciaga

The students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd fashion design and 1st of dress wear made a training trip from 27th to 31st January to learn about the keys of fashion design and the textile industry of the Basque Country. Its great international reference is Cristóbal Balenciaga so one of the essential stops was to visit its museum in Getaria. Although they were unable to access the exhibition because they were making changes to it, they saw a projection of the life and trajectory of the dressmaker and acquired different books about it.

They also visited Miguel’s Mercedes workshops and offices. The designer was serving 30 years at the helm of her own firm and explained to the students the steps she has taken to achieve this. They were able to see his main creations gathered in an exhibition in the Ondare Hall. It was a guided tour by Peio Durán also designer and curator of the exhibition.

Skunkfunk was the youngest brand that told students of their way of working their pieces from ecology, sustainability, ethics and fair trade. They showed them all the facilities and the entire design process and manufacturing. This complemented with the conference offered by the team of Minimil, a historical company that captures all the tradition and know-how of Basque fashion and that worked very closely with Balenciaga. Related to tradition is also Rafael Matías Tejidos who has been providing top quality materials to the main Spanish firms for more than 60 years. He gave them different fabric cuts to students to develop their own projects at the School.

Not everything will be fashionable, there was also time to visit the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao and the Guggenheim. In short, it was a trip that served students to see the wide range of professional outings and the multiple possibilities and perspectives from which to work fashion.

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