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High school counselors knew the school first hand

The school management team is pleased with the success of the day of counselors, held on April 6th, with the leaders of the different High Schools in the area of influence of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Alcoi (EASDAlcoi).

The general idea of the meeting was to inform the formative offer of our school to explain first hand and approach to the high school educators the different disciplines taught. This is the best way to make them known the possibilities we offer, in training and professional areas.

One of the conclusions that we wish to emphasize was the participation caused during the visit to the center and the experience lived at the workshops and in the specific classrooms of the different disciplines. In some counselors own words: “It has been very interesting, because the level and technology used are very high and motivating for our students.” Other contributions commented on the need to share these days with not only the counselors but also with teachers: “We think teachers of specific subjects (arts, drawing, technology …), who have very clear the artistic and creative profile of some of their students, should also come to visit the school in order to have first-hand information.”

In conclusion, from the EASDAlcoi we would like to thank the teachers and counselors for their willingness to consider our request. At the same time, we also understand that the level of training and professional output that secondary students receive is the main objective to approach the best offer training for those future EASDAlcoi students, with a strong creative and artistic profile.

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