La Casa de Carlota and friends explains its ‘creative activism’ at EASDAlcoi

This Monday December 9th at 1 p.m., Alexis Diaz, of La Casa de Carlota & friends, shared with a talk in the School auditorium, the creative diversity with which this studio and agency works.

La Casa de Carlota, born in Barcelona, operates through inclusive design and has autistic and Down Syndrome people within its professional team with offices also in Seville, Medellin and Sao Paulo.

Their scope of action is graphic design and in it they develop projects with fresh, interesting and very different results to what is usually seen in this field. They collaborate with companies such as Danone, Nestlé or Mustela and institutions such as the Ministry of the Environment and the Barcelona City Council.

In addition, this December 12th the studio will be one of the winners at the 2019 Gràffica Awards for showing that “creativity and design have no borders (…) and to be a model of work that has become one in a global way”

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