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Marina Pina, a school student, wins the ‘Esport in 3D’

The 2nd grade student of Advertising Graphic of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi (EASDAlcoi), Marina Pina, became the winner of the ‘Esport en 3D’ poster contest, organized by the Alcoi City Council, altogether with the company Alto Rendimiento.

This year 15 proposals have been submitted, among which the Pina’s one has been chosen, among other things for its multi-sport nature, because from the consistory promote this same idea. In addition, Alberto Belda, councilor for Sports, has put in value that it is a modern poster.

From his point of view, Ricardo Segura, general director of Alto Rendimiento, stressed that “it has been very difficult to decide, because there have been very interesting things this year.”

Cartell Esports 3D

The poster depicts a woman running, very prepared to perform different sports, such as tennis, badminton, swimming, soccer, rugby, hockey and athletics, all colored in orange and blue, and with lines that combine with each other, as Pina explained.

The jury, which unanimously selected Pina’s work, was composed by two EASDAlcoi professors and representatives of Alto Rendimiento and the sports center.

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