Photo students delve into Valencia’s photography cultural offering

The students of 1st and 2nd of the Photography Cycle and 2nd of Advertising Graphics made a formative exit to Valencia last Thursday, October 30th.

There they visited sites such as the Railowsky bookstore. One of the national benchmarks in terms of specialization in photobooks and other publications related to photography. The students were able to see and browse all these editions ranging from contemporary to most classic authors.

A group then moved to Punto Gallery to see Chema Madoz‘s solo exhibition. Another went to the Paco Mora’s studio, one of the most prominent figures in digital printing. Mora, showed his work and explained to them the different formats, media and their possibilities.

Also, the director of the World Press Photo in Valencia, Pablo Brezo, took a guided tour of the same exhibition located at the Chirivella Foundation. He told them the story of each image and made a comparison between projects. Ethics in photojournalism was one of the main topics discussed.

They finished the day in Bombas Gens where also guided they accessed the exhibition ‘The Gaze of Things. Japanese photography in the context of Provoke‘. It occupied four rooms and the students were surprised by the amount of photographic materials it contained.

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