Photographer Ilan Wolff will give a conference and workshop about the camera obscura

Ilan Wolff has been basing his photographic creation on the technique of the pinhole camera for more than 30 years with devices made from cans and old boxes. In addition, he currently uses his van and ordinary room interiors to create large format images. On Tuesday, October 29th at 12am he will share this experience to the EASDALcoi’s auditorium.

Wolff will also hold a workshop on the same day and Wednesday 30th, starting at 3pm. In the two sessions he will show to the Photography students how to work with the pinhole camera and all the creative possibilities that it offers.

This “opens a new window to a world where imagination, improvisation and hand work during the process take the most important role" rather than "the use of modern equipment such as digital cameras, computers, smartphones, etc., in which these aspects have been diminished”,  explain from the Photography department.

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