Product will design toys for El Partidor childcare

The 1st year form Product Design students visited last week the El Partidor Children’s School to learn about the spaces in which children play and learn and obtain information to develop the design of a playful prototype.

In addition, students have conducted a survey of workers and the center’s management on aspects such as which toys are used the most, the age and number of students, or what they would like to incorporate and improve.

Thus, they made it clear that they need large, non-heavy objects that work well indoors and outdoors, that are easy to maintain and collect, and that children interact safely and actively with them. With this initial briefing the Product students will begin to outline the first ideas that they will later present to the childcare team. They will be the ones who decide on the final proposal that will be manufactured in EASDAlcoi.

In this way, the Product sutdents will work for the first time in the realization of a project with a real application, taking into account the current regulations and the needs of the client.

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