Graphical and audiovisual Cycles

Comprehensive project. Illustration, Advertisment Graphics, Animation & APGI. LOE
First Enrolment  
1st Call. Defense 13-15/06/2018
Resignation till 13/05/2018
2nd Call. Defense 09-11/07/2018
Resignation till 09/06/2018
Second Enrolment  
1st Call. Defense 15-18/12/2017
Resignation till 10/11/2017
2nd Call. Defense 13-15/06/2018
Resignation till 13/05/2018

The marked dates can be modified depending on the regulations that are published throughout the course so we will inform you of the changes as soon as possible.

The delivery of the project to court will be held one week before the defense, marked by each department, depending on the number of students that are presented.

Styling and PDO Cycle

Final project. Styling & PDO. LOGSE
Final project defense 12-13/03/2018
Final project defense postponed 13-15/06/2018
Final project resignation  till 19/01/2018
Final projecte postponement  till 09/02/2018
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