Intermediate and higher level training cycles – Enrollment Calendar

Registration General Test1 to 16/06/202301/09/2023 at 05/09/2023
Registration Specific Test1 to 12/07/202301/09/2023 at 15/09/2023
Direct access registration01/06/2023 to 05/07/20231 al 04/09/2023
List of admitted of the General Test19/06/202306/09/2023
List of applicants for direct access05/07/202305/09/2023
Registration for direct access students06/07/2023 & 07/07/2023 -on site06/09/2023
Specific Test without academic requirements30/06/23 at 9:00h – access at 8:30h07/09/23 at 9:00h – access at 8:30h
List of grades for General Test05/07/202311/09/2023
Claims of General Test scores05/07/2023 to 07/07/202311/09/2023 to 13/09/2023
Publication of final lists of grades for General Test11/07/202314/09/2023
List of admitted students from Specific Test13/07/202318/09/2023
Specific Test*18/07/25 at 9:00h – access at 8:30h20/09/23 at 9:00h – access at 8:30h
Publication of provisional lists of grades for Specific Test21/07/202322/09/2023
Claims of General Test scoresdel 24/07/23 to 26/07/23del 22/09/23 to 27/09/23
Final list of grades for General Test27/07/2328/09/23
Enrollment of students Access Test approved27/07/23 al 05/09/23 -onlinedel 28/09/23 al 03/10/23 -online

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