Curs Tauleta Digitalitzadora

Workshop “Illustration with tablet digitizer”

The professor of the l’Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi, Juan Pedro Quiló, with extensive experience in the field of illustration and animation is giving a course of “Illustration with tablet digitizer.”

The course began on March 21th and will end on May 30th, a total of nine sessions, and it is open to join at any time. The workshop is the presentation of the optional subject that will begin to be taught the next course, with more hours and sessions. In this case the course will serve to develop the basic concepts of tablet management, formats and tools commonly used in digital drawing programs.

The schedule is on Tuesdays from 12: 40h to 14:20 in the classroom -204 (floor -2). In order to take part in this course each student has to have his own tablet and laptop.

Course contents

1. Tablet digitizer: Models, characteristics, tools and usual formats.
2. Vector programs: Vectors, bezier curves, anchor points. Customizing the path type. Brush tool.
3. Bitmap programs (I): Basic Photoshop notions. Smart objects created in another program (vectorial). Tools: brush, pencil and rubber. Characteristics. Creation of chromatic ranges. Basics of drawing. Line, spot, chiaroscuro. Textures
4. Bitmap programs (II): Brushes. Characteristics and variables according to the use of the stylus. Creating custom brushes. Blend mode between layers and brush application methods.
5. Bitmap programs (III): Tools that simulate pictorial effects. Settings.

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