Ximo Devesa, manager for EUROBOX: “EASDAlcoi has exceeded our expectations”

We have talked with Ximo Devesa, general director for EUROBOX, taking advantage of his assistance to EASDAlcoi to give out the prizes that his company gave to the students’ projects from Product Design. Devesa, highlights design as a crucial element in the business world and the quality of formation of the school heading in this direction.

– What motivated you to start such a collaboration with EASDAlcoi?

We come from the promotional world and this has always made us look out for new ideas, but in the time that has passed this part has produced the general trend, in the companies that are our clients, to control the process and then decide what they want to launch and what their strategy is for the product.We pretty much only get involved in the fabrication because everything else has already been done by the client. Now we want to get back our terrane and to offer them apart from our technical knowledge, to offer them that creative side aswell, that we were looking for and that the EASDAlcoi has offered.

– Have you found it? The talent necessary to be able to reach that extra creativity  that you commented…

Yes, as the company’s second generation, I have set out to look for that talent here. Others are going to look for it in London or Milan or Barcelona, ​​but we decided as a family business that we are looking for it in our immediate surroundings. Young kids looking for opportunities are here too. And no doubt that there is talent in the School and also vocation. Going out to see what we knew we could find fresh ideas, practically without conditions by the industry and that they provided us with that innovation, the key was that. And the result has exceeded our expectations.

– So, are you happy with this first experience? What would you highlight about it?

What I liked the most is that the students have come to our company. We made a small presentation in the exhibition hall and went down to the factory as well and they were all fascinated and most attentive to everyone they saw. They themselves asked and sought to answer questions about how everything was done. Afterwards, that implication has been translated into the numerous proposals that have been presented to us. In short, we have seen that all this is very worthwhile.

– How would you rate the creative and technical level of the Product students?

Very high, in all the proposals you can see the work they have dedicated to these two facets. In addition, they have had, as they will have tomorrow, the handicap of going backwards. With this you have to put the work in to get the idea you are looking for. The result has been of very high quality, to start working in a company and provide solutions to the clients of that company. You have to make teams with people who are creative and capable of learning the technique and we see that in the School, the training is very on track towards that purpose. When they leave the world of work they will have the skills to meet the needs of the clients.

– What has been highlighted from the proposals of Helena Maestre, Julia Sempere and Silvia Bordera to be the winners?

Above all we have valued that it is a product that can be manufactured. In addition, the first prize for example is a combination of different things, it goes beyond a box to put something inside and becomes a decoration element. The second is almost like a game, it is a continent but then it has that second option. These are projects that respect one of the objectives that we set: having a second use. We wanted the consumer to have that other function in mind.

– How relevant is design in a company like EUROBOX?

It is a differentiating element. We make the product and design as a fundamental part of that product. You are creating  an element to fight your competition and give a product to your client that is a guarantee of success. We seek to provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly, multifunctional and long-lasting solutions. The design brings that ‘plus’, that added value.

– Is it important that companies maintain an active relationship with the training field and vice versa?

It is basic and here we are quite behind on that issue and I think we are all a little responsible and we have to start thinking of a solution now. One of my goals as a manager is to bring the company closer to the university, but not how it has been done so far. I don’t think it has to be done through the figure of the scholar for example. You have to train quality professionals. We are looking for the best in each sector to be machinists, those who control the quality of the product or those who are designing it.


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